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During his sermon yesterday, Christian Nationalist Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas in Texas claimed that the Biden administration was the “ungodliest” in history and Biden’s acts of Catholicism shouldn’t fool anyone. (Which, you have to admit, is a pretty ballsy thing to say since Republicans overwhelmingly accepted Donald Trump‘s frequent acts of lip service to conservative Christians even though it was beyond clear he didn’t actually believe any of it.)

… And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, 2,000 years later, we can never give the enemies of Jesus Christ a taste of blood. We can never let them be successful in persecution or silencing the Christian church. It doesn’t matter where those attacks come from, whether it’s an atheistic organization like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, or whether it’s from this ungodly administration we’re living under right now from Washington, D.C. We’re not going to sit down and take it.

And yes, I said it! This is an ungodly administration we have in Washington, D.C. right now. I don’t care how many rosary beads they rub up there in Washington, D.C. This is the ungodliest presidential administration we’ve had in the history of our country. I mean, we saw that this week. Here they are, up there before the Supreme Court arguing why a woman ought to be able to kill… her unborn child, murdering children. They’re the ones proposing that. Or pushing this immoral agenda of transgenderism.

One of the top officials of the Biden administration is a man who’s prancing around in a skirt up there pretending to be a woman. Sick! It’s sick! Absolutely sick and immoral!

But what they’re really doing right now that we need to be aware of is: They are now, Joe Biden, rescinding the religious liberty — executive order — that the former president passed. They’re going after groups that preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they’re trying to draw blood from those groups.

And that’s why we are not going to back up. Because we know if they ever succeed in taking the First Baptist Church of Dallas down, they’re gonna go after every church, everywhere, that preaches the gospel, and I’m here to tell you, we are not letting up, giving up, or backing up, we’re going to preach the gospel here no matter what it does! And if the Biden administration doesn’t like it, they can hang it on their beak as far as i’m concerned.

To summarize the bigoted rant from a professional liar, Jeffress thinks the Biden administration (which is full of Christians) is targeting Christians (which it’s not) by making sure taxpayer funding meant for secular services doesn’t aid groups that discriminate in hiring.

No one is shutting down his church. No one’s even trying to do that. Jeffress is pretending to be courageous by making up an enemy that even he knows doesn’t exist and his audience is too ignorant to notice the difference.

Jeffress thinks this administration is the “ungodliest,” as if that makes it inherently immoral, even though past presidents have committed acts of genocide, owned slaves, and downplayed a deadly pandemic in the hopes it would boost his re-election chances. (All of those presidents were Christian, by the way.)

Jeffress thinks the Christian thing to do is to force women who are victims of rape and incest to give birth against their will. He doesn’t think women should have any control over their own bodies if they become pregnant unintentionally. He wants them to suffer while his church has no intention of helping all those women take care of the babies they never wanted to have. He supports the Texas law which would put a bounty on anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion because she had no idea she was pregnant during the window when she could’ve done something about it.

Jeffress and every single Christian in that church are moral monsters who routinely cause harm and suffering in the name of Jesus because they’re too deluded to realize they’re the problem, not the enemies they create in their own minds.

And, of course, Jeffress had to trash a qualified trans woman who serves the country because anti-LGBTQ hate is a part of his religious faith. The only difference between the bigots in this church and the people from Westboro Baptist is that Jeffress wears a suit and gets invited on FOX News.

This is mainstream Christianity. It’s hateful. It’s based on lies. It further polarizes the country. And the people who should know better refuse to acknowledge reality because they know it would be bad for business.

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Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.