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Because Donald Trump didn’t botch his handling of the coronavirus enough, Christian Right activist and conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor (who said that COVID vaccines represented “one of the biggest genocides in world history”) is predicting that “true patriots” won’t support him in 2024 unless he fully denounces vaccines:

He’s gonna take a huge hit if he’s not careful. He’s already taken a hit from the patriots. Because if you just simply look at Mark Levin’s interview, that he did the other night… if you read the comments, okay, just read the comments from the patriots, they are fuming when he talks about the vaccine and how he’s proud of it. They are fuming, brother. And they are literally threatening not to support him in his next election or from here on out until he turns the other way.

There’s an alternative reality in which conservatives rushed to get vaccinated and gave Trump all the (undeserved) credit in the world for getting them developed in record time… but that’s not the world we live in. These people are fully against anything that might make the country healthier and safer, including life-saving vaccines.

Taylor’s “solution,” in this case, is to “come out swinging” against the vaccine companies, because “Big Pharma” is behind the shots… as if that alone makes them unreliable. That fails to account for the fact that the vaccines actually, you know, work. It’s not like the vaccinated are the ones overwhelming hospitals across the nation. There’s an entire subreddit documenting people who died of the virus after claiming it wasn’t a problem, or saying face masks and vaccines were unnecessary. Even kindergartners could identify the pattern.

It’s amazing how Trump’s followers didn’t care when he bragged about sexual assault, ignored his racist comments about “shithole countries” and Mexicans being rapists, didn’t bat an eye when he slashed benefits for food stamps or incited violence in his name… but only when he chooses not to fully denounce vaccines do they finally threaten to leave his side. That’s the straw that threatens to break up his base.

If there’s anything beyond the Twilight Zone, this is it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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