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Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn of Mississippi’s First Harvest Ministries, who credited Donald Trump with the COVID relief bill that not a single Republican voted for, is still lying to his audience. This time, he’s claiming God will overturn the election that Joe Biden legitimately won, thereby returning Donald Trump to the White House.

You may wonder: How and when?

If that’s you… well, you’ve thought this through more than Vaughn has. He explained his surefire prediction during a sermon at University Parkway Church in Aiken, South Carolina over the weekend:

“You’ve been wearing a fake election and a fake crown,” Vaughn declared. “And you’ve been struttin’ your stuff with Kamala by your side. Jezebel herself. You’ve been walking among my people as if to say, ‘Nanny nanny boo boo, you didn’t catch me.’ You’ve been strutting your stuff among my people saying, ‘Where is your God? Why didn’t he stop us? Why did he turn it around?’ [God] said, ‘I want you to hear me and hear me well: Enjoy your crown. Enjoy your diadem, because when I’m through correcting America just a little bit, when I’m through, I’ll let her have the president she deserved.’ You tell ’em, ‘Hold on, because I’m coming to take your crown off of your head, you profane president of my people.‘”

God will “overturn the election,” Vaughn promised.

It’s never about substance with these people. It’s just ad hominem remarks. Even those make no sense, though! What do words like “profane” and “wicked” even mean when they didn’t apply (in Vaughn’s mind) to the previous president, who bragged about sexual assault, referred to predominantly Black nations as “shithole countries,” separated refugee children from their parents, instigated a riot at the Capitol, and embarrassed the nation many times over?

If Vaughn thinks God blessed that presidency but condemns this one, then his priorities (and prophecies) need a reboot. Whatever Biden’s flaws — and they undoubtedly exist — compared to his predecessor, he’s a saint.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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