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“Wokeness,” according to right-wing preacher and MAGA cultist Lance Wallnau on a recent podcast episode, is the religion of the anti-Christ. And systemic racism doesn’t exist.

“The Wokeianity of the Antichrist system is an extorted confession of faith,” he said, “where you have to use the gender pronoun arbitrarily chosen by a student” even if that student’s reality “isn’t real for you.”

Wallnau claimed that “wokeism” has infiltrated corporate America through a scheme by “the homosexual movement” to get gay people hired into human resources departments, where they could “hire their own woke people” and “get rid of the conservatives or evangelicals.” He claimed that the HR director of a major corporation angrily told him that the movement was not seeking acceptance from Christians but instead would force Christians to “bow” to the need to affirm and celebrate homosexuality.

Even if conservative use “wokeness” as a pejorative, the intended purpose behind those hit with the label is to create a society in which marginalized people are more accepted and safe. That ought to be a universal goal. But for people like Wallnau, it’s all about penalizing Christians. If that’s how he sees it, that sounds like a personal problem. It certainly isn’t based on facts.

When everyone who’s different from you is an enemy, you can’t possibly love them, which makes it impossible to be “Christ-like” in any meaningful way.

Not that he cares. In the same show, Wallnau decided that systemic racism was purely fictional:

Wallnau denied that systemic racism is a problem in the U.S., accusing Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris of “lying” by writing in a letter accompanying a report on the administration’s plans to promote gender equity that America has “never fully lived up to” the idea that “every one of us is equal in dignity and deserves to be treated equally.”

That’s… a bedrock principle of our nation, not some liberal ideology. It’s why the Preamble to the Constitution aims to “form a more perfect Union.” If Biden and Harris repeat that idea, they’re not going rogue. They’re echoing the Founders.

In any case, it’s hard to take someone like Wallnau seriously when he insists systemic racism doesn’t exist. On what basis can he say that?! Just because he hasn’t personally experienced it — and wouldn’t — doesn’t mean others don’t. But listening to people of color talk about what they have to regularly deal with isn’t high on his list of priorities.

It’s just the same old fear-mongering we’ve always seen. And yet, as we saw in last night’s elections, right-wing propaganda that suggests conservative Christians are victims on some liberal agenda can go a long way. It has for decades.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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