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A rumor over “contagious demons” has led to a lawsuit against two of the most prominent Christian educators in the country.

It’s written by someone who doesn’t have a lawyer, is targeting one of the more powerful megachurch preachers in the country, wants millions of dollars in restitution, and involves demons.

Here’s the short version of the story: About a decade ago, Marcus Lee was a student at Rhema Bible Training College in Oklahoma, a school that exists to train missionaries and ministers. It was founded in the early 1970s by Kenneth E. Hagin and is now run by his son, Kenneth W. Hagin, and W’s wife Lynette Hagin. The two of them, seen in the image below, are also senior pastors at Rhema Bible Church.

All of these places espouse your standard Christian bigotry while promoting Christian Nationalism by hosting right-wing conspiracist theorists.

The Hagins run one of the largest Bible colleges in the country.
Kenneth W. Hagin and Lynette Hagin

But back to Marcus Lee. According to the lawsuit, when he was a student at the Hagins’ Bible school several years go, they…

… disseminated among other students and staff that I had contagious demons, thereby endangering my life, causing me emotional distress, and ruining my reputation.

Does Lee have any proof of this? (Show me the Demon-proof!)

Alas, here’s literally all he offers to back up his two claims of negligence and defamation:

One student, with whom I stayed, was so upset when he heard the accusations that he sent people out after me to do me harm. I had to move out in a hurry and I was literally chased out of town. I ran to campus safety.

Other students at the school and parishioners at the church began treating me strangely, including Rev. Hagin and Ms. Lynette Hagin, his wife. I was embarrassed.

That’s it. The “proof” that the Hagins spread this “lie” about him is that a roommate claimed it was true and acted on it… and people were being weird around him. Sounds like more of an argument against the roommate, not the Hagins, to be honest.

Yet with that slam-dunk case, Lee just wants a small sum of money to settle the matter:

There’s no way in hell Lee will be getting $15 million… or any fraction of that.

As much as I’d love to get front row seats to this trial so I can learn much more about “contagious demons,” odds are it’ll get tossed out for lack of… everything. A rumor from a roommate is not grounds for a lawsuit. Neither is people treating you weirdly. (The rest of us just call that “high school.”)

Until it gets tossed out, though, we can only hope more details about this case come out because there’s no way those details wouldn’t be equally ridiculous.

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