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A few days ago, Akureyri Church in Iceland was vandalized. Someone had spray-painted vulgar anti-religious messages — along with a few seemingly pro-religious ones — on the walls of that church and a few others in the area.

The culprit has finally been caught.



He gave himself up peacefully and was charged with vandalism before being released.

Police say the man’s crime was motivated by his opinions of religion. He has no criminal record and has not had dealings with the police before. Investigators say the man worked alone in his crime spree, and traveled between churches by bicycle.

Somehow, I’m not satisfied with that slap on the wrist. I had mentioned earlier that the vandal might be an atheist because he had written things like “Religion is slavery” on the wall… but you can see in the images that he also wrote “God good” and “Satan bad.” So who knows what his deal his? Either way, I hope he was released because police felt this incident wouldn’t happen again. No place of worship should be defaced like this.

(Thanks to Brynjar for the link)

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