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According to a full-page advertisement placed in the New Mexican and Albuquerque Journal newspapers, voting one’s “Catholic values” means voting for a Republican.

The ad was placed by the conservative Hispanic Action Network in support of New Mexico GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Pearce. It features a statement on the “dignity of human life” written by the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2017 that opposes abortion and physician-assisted suicide… and wouldn’t you know it, those are also Pearce’s positions.

The problem with that ad is that the bishops never approved it, the Church insists it’s apolitical, and many Catholics don’t give a damn what the Vatican says about hot-button social issues. Many Catholics support marriage equality, abortion rights, and letting people make their own healthcare decisions regardless of whether or not the pope agrees.

In fact, the NMCCB released a statement expressing their disapproval of the ad.

We were not aware of plans to publish our statement, On The Dignity of Human Life, issued on March 6, 2017, as part of a political advertisement. We did not coordinate or pay for this advertisement. Our statement was written a year and half ago and was never intended to be used for political advertising.

We encourage all citizens to vote. The Catholic Church does not endorse any candidate

Pearce, naturally, had nothing bad to say about the ad. His campaign directed all questions about it to the Hispanic group.

For what it’s worth, Pearce’s opponent Michelle Lujan Grisham is beating him in recent polling by about 8 points. No wonder conservatives are throwing out all the stops to guilt-trip Catholics into supporting the Republican. Since Republican policies aren’t doing the trick, maybe the threat of eternal damnation will work.

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