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For the Chicago Bears, a lot of the conversation during the off-season was about their lack of a quality kicker. The team lost a playoff game last year after an infamous “double doink,” released that kicker, then spent months trying to find a suitable replacement.

They finally settled on one about a week before their first game: Eddy Piñeiro. The first game was decent enough for him, even though the team lost. And today, he kicked one hell of a long field goal to give the Bears a victory over the Denver Broncos with one second left on the clock:

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It was a big moment for him and a huge relief for fans in Chicago.

So how did he react? With a tweet telling atheists to suck it:

If you don’t believe in God you better start believing he’s REAL thank you chicago!

Maybe you think he’s just being a little cocky and joking around. He’s not actually suggesting this kick should convince people to find religion.

Well… his post-game interview was even more specific.

… For everybody listening, man, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you better start, because he’s real. I promise you that.

Sure, we just passed the anniversary of 9/11, and the Bahamas were destroyed by a hurricane, and refugee kids are still separated from their parents because God-loving Republicans aren’t bothered enough by that to ever vote against Donald Trump… but Piñeiro kicked a football a long way. CHECKMATE, ATHEISTS.

Richard Dawkins might as well admit defeat now. Every pastor should just put down the Bible and start showing this kick on a loop.

I just want a reporter to ask Piñeiro what he would have said about God had he missed the kick. Or if he thinks Denver just didn’t pray hard enough. Or what God was trying to say when Piñeiro’s teammate had to leave the game due to injury.

You know, useful questions.

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