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For the past couple of weeks, Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe, Arizona’s Faithful Word Baptist Church has been conducting a “soul-winning” trip in Botswana… but only after the United Kingdom and South Africa banned him from entering their countries.

The two nations, where same-sex marriage is legal (except for Northern Ireland), didn’t want to welcome a man who preaches that the U.S. government should execute homosexuals by way of a firing squad because that’s what the Bible commands. Anderson also celebrated the deaths of dozens of people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando by saying, “The good news [about the massacre] is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world, because… these homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles.”

Botswana, however, has finally caught on to Anderson’s anti-gay beliefs, which he made abundantly clear during a radio interview earlier this morning.


ANDERSON:… we want to preach the Gospel to all nations, United States and Botswana.

HOST: You don’t preach the Gospel. You spew hate speech. That’s what some people have said.

ANDERSON: Well, they said the same thing about Jesus…

ANDERSON: I made it very clear that I do not condone violence — I am a totally non-violent person — and I did not approve of a guy going in there and just shooting up the place, but I said I will not be sad about it or mourn about it because the people that were victims were disgusting homosexuals who the Bible says are worthy of death. The Bible says that the government should put them to death, so why would I be sad if these horrible people died that the Bible said should die anyway?

HOST: So you believe that the government should be killing homosexuals?

ANDERSON: Yes, I do.

Anderson later added: “I do hate homosexuals. I only hate homosexuals, though. I do not hate other people. Only homosexuals.”

After he reiterated his belief that homosexuals should be murdered — not by him, but by the government, as if that’s an important distinction — officials appeared outside the radio station to pick him up and ship him back to the Land of Deplorables.

[President Ian] Khama told Reuters he had ordered Anderson’s immediate arrest and deportation after the pastor said in an interview with a local radio station in the capital Gabarone on Tuesday morning that gays and lesbians should be killed.

“He was picked up at the radio station. I said they should pick him up and show him out of the country,” Khama said in an interview. “We don’t want hate speech in this country. Let him do it in his own country.”


When a nation that criminalizes homosexuality with up to seven years in prison says you’re too mean to gay people, you know your views are extreme. Don’t give them too much credit for kicking Anderson out when their own views on the matter are only slightly less abhorrent.

Anderson, in pure Trumpian fashion, denied reality.

Anderson denied he was being deported.

“I am not being arrested. I am leaving Botswana voluntarily,” he told witnesses at the radio station, adding in the local Setswana language that he loved Botswana very much.



Anderson will inevitably play up the martyr complex, taking a metaphorical bullet for Jesus while advocating putting actual bullets in gay people.

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