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In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Be sure to check out the Being Reasonable podcast if you enjoy street epistemology!

— It’s absurd that anyone is complaining about Jill Biden‘s Ph.D. (2:00)

— A Denny’s server quit after two Christians claimed religious exemptions to wearing face masks. (10:55)

— Why does Pastor Joel Osteen‘s megachurch need millions in PPP loans? (14:48)

— And why did this preacher buy a private jet after receiving PPP money? (20:23)

— At least 75 people caught the virus after a church held a Christmas concert earlier this month. (22:57)

— Christian financial “guru” Dave Ramsey is holding a maskless Christmas party for hundreds of people. (27:27)

— Christian singer Lauren Daigle was dropped from a New Year’s Eve show because she appeared at a super-spreader event. (31:49)

— A COVID-denying lawmaker caught COVID and is now on a ventilator. (39:37)

— A very ignorant conservative writer says public schools are indoctrinating kids into atheism. (44:57)

— There are dumb election conspiracy theories… and then there’s this. (48:00)

— A GOP congressman-elect says Rev. Raphael Warnock doesn’t represent “real” Americans. So who does? (51:11)

— The governors of Mississippi and Oklahoma are praying, instead of doing anything useful, in response to COVID. (57:24)

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