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In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

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— Conservatives are furious over a Twix ad that isn’t by Twix and isn’t an ad. (7:20)

— A hate-preacher insisted that boys who grow up in a church like his will “100%” grow up to be straight. (18:47)

— There was a $1.8 million essay contest for anyone with evidence of the afterlife. The money will be handed out, but the evidence? Still doesn’t exist. (25:07)

— Should Republicans pander to gay voters? (36:24)

— A Virginia school board wants to get rid of all “sexually explicit” books… and burn them. (46:49)

— A Christian “segregation academy” held an anti-LGBTQ seminar for parents. (53:39)

— A North Carolina restaurant turned a one-star “Satanic” review into a keepsake T-shirt. (59:41)

Pastor Greg Locke really wants to get subpoenaed. (1:01:40)

— An anti-LGBTQ pastor was nominated to the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission… until public pressure caused him to step away. (1:07:32)

— The Biden administration is undoing a rule allowing taxpayer-funded groups to discriminate on the basis of religion. (1:11:12)

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