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In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

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We talked about:

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— This Christian “maternity ranch” in Texas meant to help new mothers is horrifying for so many reasons. (0:41)

— “We have to have one religion,” says MAGA cultist Michael Flynn. (27:39)

Pastor Mark Burns, who’s running for Congress, is calling for all laws that contradict his interpretation of the Bible to be declared illegal. (29:49)

— A Christian news editor is resigning over the rightward shift of his parent company. (34:44)

— A conservative writer who thinks FFRF is a “hate group” seems to agree with everything they’re saying. (45:08)

— A pastor who created a COVID outbreak says he was just doing “what God wanted.” (52:40)

— Catholic bishop. Satanic erotica. Pig semen. (54:57)

— The New Orleans Archdiocese is paying over $1 million to settle a case involving lies they told FEMA after Hurricane Katrina. (57:55)

— One of the Republicans trying to win the party’s nomination for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat is a guy who literally said of his opponent, “But he’s Jewish!” (1:02:53)

— Two Christian groups are suing over the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate because it’s a “sin against God’s holy word.” (1:08:40)

— The Supreme Court doesn’t seem to care about “religious freedom” when it involves a death row inmate. (1:10:45)

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