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In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

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— The future of the Friendly Atheist blog. (1:12)

— Christian predator Josh Duggar is going to jail after being found guilty in his child sex abuse image trial. (3:22)

— Can you be friends with someone from the other political party? (21:08)

— The Supreme Court seems like it will force taxpayers to subsidize religious schools. (24:40)

— Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, who spread vaccine lies, now has COVID. (31:05)

— Evangelist Franklin Graham can’t decide whether or not he wants vaccines to work. (34:10)

— Should we tell Pastor Joel Osteen, to his face, that he’s horrible? (41:15)

— People are mad over Rep. Madison Cawthorn‘s anti-abortion “earthen vessels” speech for the wrong reasons. (57:01)

— A Methodist church fired its pastor after he had a drag makeover on TV to show his allyship. (1:00:17)

— MAGA world’s “gun girl” says she’s ditching atheism for Catholicism. (1:04:58)

— Christian pseudo-historian David Barton says the Second Amendment gives people the right to own nuclear weapons. (1:09:23) 

— A Catholic diocese is officially banning unrepentant trans people from receiving the sacraments. (1:13:42)

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Hemant Mehta is the founder of, a YouTube creator, podcast co-host, and author of multiple books about atheism. He can be reached at @HemantMehta.

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