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If there’s one thing we know about self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr, it’s that she thinks of herself as an expert on what happens to dead babies who go to Heaven.

She has said aborted fetuses “sang and celebrated” in Heaven after Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. She has said that babies who are miscarried return to their mother’s womb because God will “put it back.”

But apparently there’s a lot more going on in Heaven that we don’t know about.

During a recent appearance on “The Elijah List” show with host Steve Shultz, Kerr claimed mothers control their babies in Heaven… if they can both get there.

[Someone] heard me say that you get to raise your babies in Heaven, whether aborted or miscarried, babies that don’t make it all the way through. If you had an abortion and you repented, that you get to Heaven — you receive Christ — you will get to raise that baby.

And the Father showed me that normally they stay as babies because the mother wants them as a baby. They lost that baby, they want that baby. And so it’s usually up to the mother what she decides, how she sees that child the whole time, possibly it’s growing — it grows very slowly in Heaven — or He just keeps it young and that’s for the purpose of the parents coming to Heaven.

… But I have been to the nurseries in Heaven where all these aborted babies are greeted by Jesus, their little heart is healed for what happened to them, they pray for the people who actually did the abortions or okayed the abortions. They can’t wait for their parents to receive Christ so they can come to Heaven and raise them

You won’t have to do all-night feedings or diaper changes… But you get the raise that child and see the gift God put in that child. They don’t lose their final destiny; their final destiny is to be the gift He sent you to this earth as. So, yes, you do get to raise your children if that is your heart’s desire and you miscarried a child, or there was an abortion involved.

… And the babies can’t wait to see their parents in heaven. So there’s nurseries, beautiful nurseries all over Heaven where your little babies are taken care of by these angels. That’s their assignment. If they’re little tiny ones, they’ll hold them and rock them in their hand and they’ll sing. The breath of God will nurse their little spiritual body. They can already sing, play, laugh. They have an amazing time in Heaven, so hopefully that will answer that question.

I have so many questions that went unanswered…

But to summarize: Aborted fetuses go to Heaven, where angels babysit them for free and handle all the diaper changes. Then, when the fetus’ parents die, the mommy gets to choose how old her child should be because the baby has no agency. Which presumably means the fetuses are not returned to the womb, contradicting Kerr’s earlier statement.

Steve Shultz didn’t ask any follow-up questions, naturally. He just accepted her lies as facts because that’s what Good Christians™ do.

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