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If any public schools decide against teaching students Critical Race Theory — something they don’t do since CRT is a legal theory sometimes taught in law schools — angry conservative parents have self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr to thank.

Or rather, Kerr and her dispatched army of 1,000,000 angels.

This morning, I sent them to fight against… I sent a million of them because this was about the children and the whole “woke” thing, and all of the critical, whatever stuff. [STEVE SHULTZ: Critical Race Theory stuff.] They want to plant that in the schools, and they were starting to rise up… certain groups were rising up and trying to make that happen.

I very specifically commanded the army… to shut the mouth of every person trying to be involved in that situation, pull down and shred platforms that would empower wicked people to do things…

If you picture yourself standing as, like, a general in front of a real military, you could walk up there and say, “Okay, y’all just go here, and go do that. And y’all go over here and do that.” They need orders… Well, you know what? Heaven’s Army is the same.

There you have it. Kerr’s Army has ended the controversy. So I guess that means Republicans can stop complaining about it, right…?

A quick Bible lesson: Angels are said to take orders from God, not human beings. When Jacob, in the Old Testament, tried to command angels, his hip was torn from its socket. Why would Kat Kerr have better luck?

At any rate, if she really has that much power over an army of angels, why not use them to protect children from a deadly virus that they can’t be vaccinated against just yet? Why not use them to prevent child abuse? Why use them to protect children from learning about our nation’s history of racism? She’s obsessed with a concept she probably couldn’t even define in a sentence. The conservatives who typically decry “Critical Race Theory” have been using it — wrongly — to avoid educating students about our nation’s past.

Even with her wishful thinking, Kerr’s entire goal here is to block children from getting an education. Her army won’t succeed but it’s troubling to think people like her could exert pressure over local school boards.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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