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Self-proclaimed Christian “prophetess” Kat Kerr was recently asked by the always gullible Steve Shultz what the weather was like in Heaven.

After claiming there was rain, but no earthquakes, Kerr decided to talk about the heavenly volcanoes. Which are apparently like rides in an amusement park …

… There is rain in Heaven. There is absolutely nothing destructive… There’s no earthquakes.

Now there are volcanoes, but they’re for entertainment. They’re for fun. You get to ride the lava out.

[SHULTZ: Really?]

Yeah, you get to ride out on the lava…

It’s not a physical volcano he took from the earth and put it up there — … it’s a spiritual world. The land, air, everything there is spiritual — but it has substance. It’s a literal volcano, but it wouldn’t harm you.

And yes, people can go inside. And they ride the lava out for a ride.

It’s a real literal volcano, but it won’t hurt you because the lava is just for funsies, but that would mean it’s very much NOT an actual volcano… and why am I doing this to myself. She’s making it all up because she knows she can. It’s not like Shultz is going to ask her useful questions.

That concludes this moment of Christians making things up without being challenged on it. The next episode airs Sunday morning at any church near you.

(via Protestia)

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