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The Southern Baptist Convention has a problem.

“We’ve always had a global mission and a global task and we need to seriously look at the question of does our name — ‘Southern’ — cause us to be hindered from accomplishing that global task that God has given us,” he asked.

“Southern” is scary. “Baptist” is scarier. “Convention” is just unnecessary.
The best part about this? They want your suggestions:

SBC President Bryant Wright is seeking your input on a new name for the SBC. These suggestions will be compiled and given to the committee or group assigned to explore a name change.

So send them your ideas — click on “Suggest a new name for the SBC” — and let us know what you’re submitting in the comments! They might reject them, but I’ll give you points for creativity.
(Thanks to Joe for the link!)
***Edit***: The links have been fixed!

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