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What do you do if you’re a Republican candidate for Senate — the richest member of Congress — allegedly enriching yourself with confidential information?

Simple: You make the election all about culture war issues and remind conservatives that your opponent is pro-choice and Black, as if those are bigger threats to their freedom than GOP corruption.

Earlier today, Sen. Kelly Loeffler campaigned at a gun range alongside her former rival Rep. Doug Collins. Collins took a swipe at her opponent, Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock by saying he’s pro-choice — gasp — and that this was some kind of travesty. Because women controlling their own bodies is the worst thing Republicans can imagine.

It wasn’t enough to say Warnock was pro-choice. Collins claimed that made Warnock the wrong kind of Christian.

… You know my past. I’m a pastor. I pastored for over 11 years… I’m still a United States Air Force reserve chaplain who served in Iraq. And let me just touch on a few things. I’m not sure, Kelly, what a pro-choice pastor looks like. I know what it doesn’t look like. It doesn’t look like what my Bible tells me when it says “I made you and I knitted you in your mother’s womb”… There is no such thing as a “pro-choice pastor.” What you have is a lie from the pit of Hell. It is time to send it back to Ebenezer Baptist Church.

You know you’re at a Republican rally when they trash a Christian pastor because he doesn’t share white evangelical views and point out that the guy running the church once headed up by Martin Luther King, Jr. is telling lies from the “pit of Hell.”

Why bother with a dog whistle when you have a bullhorn?

He’s wrong, by the way. There are tons of pro-choice pastors who see no contradiction between being devout and supporting women’s rights. There are also tons of religious Americans who are pro-choice. In fact, white evangelicals and Southern Baptists were almost all pro-choice until it became more politically convenient for them to flip on the issue after being pro-segregation was no longer tenable.

These are the same people, by the way, who claimed Democrats would be crossing the line by even bringing up the religion of Amy Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearings — even though it was absolutely relevant to her judicial thinking. Her religion was off-limits, apparently, but Warnock’s devout faith must be brought up at every turn. The hypocrisy is never surprising with these Republican bigots, but the lack of subtlety is incredible.

It’s beyond hypocritical for these Republicans to claim to be “pro-life” when they openly ignore COVID precautions despite the virus taking more than 260,000 American lives (and counting). That rally was outdoors, but you can see from the video there’s no social distancing or face masks. It’s utterly irresponsible.

One other thing about Doug Collins: The reason he even had his House seat is because he defeated another Republican who said evolution and the Big Bang were “lies straight from the pit of Hell.” Their voters are dumb enough to be swayed by that kind of faith-based slander.

Here’s hoping more sensible Georgians catch on to the bigotry at play here and support Warnock (and Jon Ossoff, who’s running for the other Senate seat). Incidentally, the folks at the Cognitive Dissonance podcast raised over $125,000 for Warnock and Ossoff yesterday.

Atheists raising money for a reverend because what unites us is greater than what divides us. You love to see it.

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