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Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles, who claimed just last month that the COVID vaccines contain eggs that release parasites into your body, is now opting for violence over misinformation. He recently advised his followers to start a “world war against tyrants.”

And by “tyrants,” he means government officials enacting sensible COVID policies.

What you have to do is end this madness. Because their madness will never end if we don’t stand up to it. Ten years from now, they will still be imposing vaccines on people in order for you to breathe. Oh, you want to breathe? Oh, you’re gonna have to have another booster. They’re gonna continue to restrict the rights of people until there is nothing left. So you have to stop them. And you have to be prepared for the unthinkable to be implemented to stop them.

We’re going into world war. It’s a world war against tyrants. And the people are gonna have to fight this war on their own, against the tyrants. The tyrants are worldwide… the governments of the world. The tyrants are against the people. The ruling class is against the people of the world. It’s going to have to be a global revolution to crush them. Not just slow them down or roll back their plans, but utterly to crush them so that they never get up and try this again.

It’d be another hundred years until somebody even has the stupid thought in their head again, that they’re gonna take away the rights and freedoms of people. It has to be so devastating that it goes down in the history books that the people rose up and utterly crushed them and ended the tyranny.

All this because scientists developed a vaccine in record time and sensible governments urged people to get their life-saving shots at no cost. The “pro-life” crowd should be cheering at this development, but Wiles, true to form, is acting like there’s a vast conspiracy afoot. As if the message of Jesus was to destroy anyone trying to help you.

Wiles may be right, though, that the madness isn’t going to end anytime soon. The more people that accept conspiracy theories and TikTok “influencers” over scientists and doctors, the longer it takes to eradicate the harmful effects of the virus. It’s only because so many conservatives refuse to get vaccinated that we have to keep talking about COVID restrictions at all.

But Wiles is more interested in stoking fear and resentment than getting his followers to listen to experts and save themselves and those around them. If he ever cared about his viewers, if not humanity itself, he would be saying something very different.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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