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Speaking on the show FlashPoint, which is part of Kenneth Copeland‘s ministry, actress Sam Sorbo (a Christian Nationalist and wife of God’s Not Dead actor Kevin Sorbo) claimed that Christian parents needed to remove their kids from school because, among other things, they’re taught evolution, and “If you’re teaching your child evolution, you’re teaching them slavery and inequality.”

Education is the three F’s: Faith, family, and freedom. And there’s only one way for them to get that, and that’s to be with their parents.

So I’ll say this: Evolution doesn’t give a crap about equality. Evolution believes in inequality, okay? If you’re teaching your child evolution, you’re teaching them slavery and inequality… And now God is calling the remnant to fight. And fight for what? For freedom. Because Jesus Christ is the author of our freedom, and evolution has nothing to do with that.

The desire among right-wing Christians to demonize public schools and choose homeschooling instead is hardly new. Sorbo, however, didn’t even bother trying to offer justification. Why bother when you’re speaking to an audience that isn’t interested in facts or reason?

While that clip is obviously shortened, it’s not taken out of context. In the full episode, Sorbo didn’t bother explaining how evolution promotes slavery and inequality — as if an evidence-based scientific explanation, and not people twisting it out of context, is somehow responsible for the subjugation of entire groups of people (often at the hands of Christians). The Bible has far more explicit justification for slavery and inequality than a scientific theory.

It’s also a bizarre statement to make since conservatives like Sorbo have opposed teaching students about slavery and inequality, anyway, because it might make white kids feel bad about themselves.

This is what happened when you lack a good education, though. You think saying random words with confidence is the equivalent of saying something intelligent. Then again, Sorbo is the same person who said earlier this year that atheists think they’re gods, and “that’s why you can’t go to church.”

I’ll give her credit for one thing: It takes real talent to make Kevin Sorbo look like the smart one in the marriage.

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