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During a service on Thursday, scamvangelist Kenneth Copeland told the crowd that he never bothered with a flu shot — because reading the Bible was an acceptable substitute — and that he would never get the COVID vaccine because he just didn’t need it.

(Famous last words… perhaps.)

Our first experience with a flu shot? John was a little guy. I said, “Come on in, kids. We’re going to take our flu shot.”

His eyes got big.

… Deuteronomy 28:22: “The lord shall smite thee with a consumption with a fever and inflammation, extreme burning…” And we just went back and forth like that. Back and forth and back and forth. Back and forth. And we had our flu shot. It still works today!

Now, I’m not gonna tell you one way or another what to do about that [COVID] shot. But — now this is just me, you understand? — I’m not making suggestions to you. That’s between you and God. But… I will not allow an experimental drug to be put into my body. I’m not going there. No. I’m not doing that. Amen.

Particularly when I don’t need it!

First week of next month, I’ll be 85. I’ve had a sick free life!

There’s a lot of ignorance packed into that clip. The flu changes every year, as does the vaccine for it. The Bible isn’t a vaccine substitute. As for COVID, Copeland makes it sound like we have no clue how the shots work when it’s actually the opposite. We have more data about the safety and efficacy of these vaccines than most other drugs because of the sheer number of people who received them before they were approved — and the confirmation of that data by those who have received it ever since. The COVID vaccines work. It’s that simple. Saying it’s “experimental” as if that makes it unreliable makes as much sense as dismissing evolution because it’s “just a theory.” It’s something people say when they want to sound smart but don’t actually know anything.

It’s also absurd to reject the vaccine because you “don’t need it.” The fear is that by the time you need to fight COVID, it’s too late because the virus has taken over your body. The vaccine is meant to prevent you from getting to that point. If you’re healthy right now, it’s a perfect time to get vaccinated so you can stay that way. And an 85-year-old is especially vulnerable to the disease.

Maybe Copeland is lying and he’s already vaccinated. Or maybe everyone’s going to replay these words at his COVID-induced funeral. We can all pray for our favorite option.

In any case, notice that Copeland is really ignoring the elephant in the room: The vaccine shouldn’t even be relevant since he supposed spent all of last year destroying the virus in the name of Jesus.

Does he think we’ve forgotten? WE HAVE NOT.

Back in March of 2020, Copeland insisted that COVID was “finished.”

He even spit on it and said the virus was “destroyed.”

COVID-19! [Spit]

I blow the wind of God on you! You are destroyed forever. And you’ll never be back. Thank you, God. Let it happen. Cause it to happen.

As recently as this past August, he was insisting that “the destruction, the final takedown of this synthetic virus that has been made by men as a weapon has fallen. It’s destroyed.”

“It’s destroyed,” said Copeland, multiple times, about a virus he declared dead more than 750,000 American deaths ago…

And now he’s telling his gullible audience that he won’t get vaccinated because he’s immune from all sickness. As if no True Christians™ have died during the pandemic. How many of those people in the crowd will follow his lead and reject the virus because they think a Bible verse is an acceptable substitute?

That’s religious brainwashing in a nutshell. Not even preventable death will steer these people away from their God-guided cult.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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