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Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) may be best known among liberals for his complete denial of climate change. He’s the guy who held a snowball in the Senate, suggesting that it was proof the world wasn’t getting warmer.

He recently appeared on “The Eric Metaxas Show” to talk about how kids are getting brainwashed in school. His evidence? His granddaughter was taught science.


Inhofe recounted a story where “my own granddaughter came home one day” and challenged him over his claims that climate change is a myth.

“I did some checking,” Inhofe said, “and, Eric, the stuff that they teach our kids nowadays, they are brainwash — you have to un-brainwash them when they get out.

He thinks they’re brainwashed because they’re taught to think critically and examine the evidence instead of accepting some bullshit conspiracy theory…

Don’t be surprised by that. Their nominee for President has the same mindset.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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