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A teacher at Point of Grace Christian School in Florida was arrested for sexually inappropriate behavior with a child.

I’m sorry. That actually occurred several months ago. Let me try that again with a more updated headline.

A teacher at Point of Grace Christian School in Florida was arrested for sexually inappropriate behavior with a child.


Back in June, 38-year-old Julie Kinsey Hoover, a high school math teacher at the Christian school, was arrested after a parent discovered sexually explicit text messages between Hoover and her son. Hoover was allegedly planning to have the student sneak into her home while her husband was at work.

She didn’t face any jail time, but she was charged with the crime of being an authority figure soliciting sex with a student—a felony. She was released the following day after posting a $15,000 bond.

Hoover was soon fired from the Christian school. But last week, she was arrested once again after law enforcement officials discovered additional inappropriate behavior during further investigation. This time, they learned what she had done during the school’s prom back in April:

A student told investigators Hoover was pressuring him to drink alcohol at the event, even forcing the straw from her cup into his mouth. An administrator told investigators staff had the alcohol in a back room to drink after the event, when students left.

The student also said when he was on or near the dance floor, Hoover was “twerking” on him, making him uncomfortable. At least two other people corroborated the story and told investigators they got in between Hoover and the student several times, trying to get the teacher to stop.

That dance took place in April, when she was also sending those text messages to a student, and yet no arrest occurred until June, and that only occurred after a parent stumbled onto the messages. How much more was going unreported? What would have happened if the parent didn’t step in? How the hell did no one report a teacher twerking at Prom at a Christian school?

It’s all very disturbing behavior—these actions aren’t funny no matter what the internet may try to tell you—and it’s not clear from the police records if the student in both scenarios is the same one. Either way, there was a clear pattern of behavior from Hoover that the school either didn’t recognize or failed to stop. Administrators haven’t said anything of substance about Hoover, other than to say she’s a former employee and they “have cooperated with the investigation.”

Without more information, it’s hard to speculate any further here. But a glance at the school’s website shows how it promotes a fairly fundamentalist view of Christianity:

[Point of Grace Christian] will begin each morning with forty-five minutes of Bible study. We will pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and the Bible, as well as the American flag. We pray frequently throughout our day and have bi-weekly chapel.

Was Hoover participating in all of that? Did she actually believe it? If she didn’t—and her actions suggest a hell of a lot of hypocrisy—why didn’t the school pick up on it when they hired her? If they missed every red flag associated with her, why should parents trust administrators’ judgment anywhere else? How much blame can we place on a complete lack of sex education, telling students to always obey authority, and never teaching the importance of consent?

Unfortunately, because this is a private Christian school, I fear many tuition-paying parents as well as staffers will just dismiss all this Prom twerking and child sexting as the work of the devil (or something else similarly useless) instead of using these incidents to do some serious self-reflection.

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