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Televangelist Rick Joyner, last seen bragging about the raincloud that formed inside his church, now says people who oppose Donald Trump are clearly being led by Satan.


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“The behavior of the left after this election is mind-boggling,” he said. “It’s not only undemocratic, it’s unfair, it’s unjust, it’s unhinged, it’s undignified, it’s immature … This absolutely out-of-control rage that is coming on our country, I think it is Lucifer.

“When Satan is cast out of heaven, he comes to the earth with great wrath,” Joyner added. “Whenever you see this great wrath, this great rage, it’s because we’re winning. He’s being displaced from his high places and so he’s coming with great rage, and all those that he can control are going to manifest his rage.”

If out-of-control rage is indicative of Satanic influence, then damn near the entire GOP must have had their offices in Hell during the Obama administration.

Dissent doesn’t make you evil. Dissent doesn’t mean you’re under the influence of anyone or anything else. Dissent is warranted when the people in power are spewing out bad ideas by the bucketful.

But what else would you expect from someone who believes people who reject his Savior are going to be tortured for all of eternity?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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