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Dwayne Bohac is a Republican state legislator from Texas… so you *know* he’s full of great ideas.

Vote for me: I’m about to save Christmas

His most recent idea? Filing a bill that would allow public school teachers to say “Merry Christmas” without punishment. Because, apparently, they sue you in Texas if you do that…

You would also be legally allowed to say “Happy Hannukah” or “Happy Holidays.”

Saying “Happy Solstice,” of course, still lands you in the electric chair.

Our school officials and teachers have enough on their plate without having to worry about frivolous lawsuits for celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah. It’s my intent to offer protection for school officials and teachers by codifying Supreme Court precedent and providing ‘bright lines.”

Bohac’s bill also allows for holiday displays featuring more than one religion, or a religious display next to a secular symbol. (That said, I’m guessing there’s going to be pushback the moment a Muslim teacher requests a display for anything)

It’s an unnecessary bill since no law prohibits teachers from saying things like “Merry Christmas.” If anyone thinks otherwise, that’s a problem with their own education, not in the law.

But this bill opens the door for all sorts of abuse.

Consider a school that puts up a huge Nativity Scene… with a tiny Santa somewhere nearby. It would be endorsing Christianity but following Bohac’s law.

Or a school could also theoretically put up a Nativity scene and a Menorah and call it a day — if an atheist wanted to put up a “Celebrate the Solstice” sign alongside the others, the school wouldn’t have to comply since they already have two different religious displays up.

If you live in Texas, please contact your representatives and urge them to vote against H.B. No. 308. Christians don’t need any more gifts this winter.

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