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The Ottawa Citizen runs a feature each weekend called “Ask the Religion Experts” where they invite representatives from different faith — and no faith — backgrounds to comment on a general religion-related question. (So, in other words, there’s one expert…)

The online version isn’t formatted well, but it’s a good use of a religion section. Let the theists dig their own graves by spouting their nonsense in the public domain. They say mostly-similar things — and the readers can figure out why one is right and the others wrong. Then they can have one rational person talk some sense into all of them 🙂

Here’s a suggestion for the atheist panelist (and Centre For Inquiry board member) Kevin Smith: Just submit the same response every week:

Did you READ what the others wrote? You’ve got to be kidding me… Here’s some honesty for you: They don’t know the answers any more than I do. The difference is that I tell you the truth while they make stuff up and pass along the nonsense. Just skip down to my post each week. I got your back.

I think that’d go over pretty well.

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