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Remember Logan Dorn? He’s the Christian guy who harassed two women at a public beach for wearing what he claimed were revealing bikinis. One of the women recorded the exchange and posted it to TikTok — and the videos went viral almost immediately.

About a month ago, shortly after he was outed as the creepy culprit, Dorn responded with a video that wasn’t an apology. In it, he justified his misogynistic outrage by saying he had “a righteous anger come over me and also just a boldness by the Holy Spirit to go in to confront these ladies and to speak truth.” He added that women “can’t find your worth in your body,” assuming without evidence that the women he confronted only found worth that way. And just for good Christian measure, he added transphobic language about how we live in a society where “people don’t even know” their gender.

It was an entire video doubling down on his faith-based dickishness that acknowledged absolutely none of his own hypocrisy, or his inability to walk away if he couldn’t stop ogling the women, or that “righteous anger” is no excuse for Jesus-inspired asshole behavior.

It’s no wonder that his employers at Mighty Hand Construction said they fired Dorn for his behavior (though they have since removed that posting).

I thought that might be the last time we heard from Dorn in a while… until I saw what he did over the weekend.

Dorn is still in damage control mode. And he thinks the way to make amends is by rapping (!) about how he’s a victim (!!) of cancel culture (!!!)… which is to say it’s been a month and he’s still not apologizing.



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♬ original sound – Son of God

Just in case that gets taken down, here’s a mirror. A transcript is below. I have no idea where one line ends and another begins because, again, he’s very bad at this.

The mark is love and I missed the mark, and I’m sorry for that.
But the world is hoping I fall flat
And learn.
Or is it to learn
Because what I discern
Is they want me to burn.

You see, I messed up and I should have seen them through the eyes of Jesus.
But is what I did really that grievous?
Worth being lied about, humiliated, and slandered over? No.
So I take a stand against cancer culture

For their love, death. Just like vultures,
They claw and claw and gnaw and gnaw
Until there’s nothing left
And pride is written all over their chest.
And they’re obsessed
With the narrative of being oppressed.
But deep down I know they’re depressed,
Empty and hurt.

But I divert.

Cancel culture, I want you to know my life will never be ruined.
Because my life is in union
With the only true one, Jesus.
You see, Jesus is the only one that could free us
From our pain and our chains.
So you can throw your sticks and stones
And try and break these bones.
But know your words will never hurt me.
Because I’ve been set free.
Because the Spirit lives in me.

For to live is Christ, and to die is gain
And I will stand and proclaim
The name above all names.
So enough games
And trying to throw people to the flames.
I beg you, come and let Jesus break your chains.

For I once was hurt, empty, and bitter
And every now and then, I would be triggered.

I was lost, hopeless, and blamed everyone for the way my life went.
And, oh, what torment.
So I lament
For you as I looked through my rear view
Because before I was made new,
I was stuck like glue
And wanted to be through
With my life
Until Jesus came and opened my eyes.

You see, cancel culture, I forgive you.
We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
But by Jesus’ death and His resurrection, we can be set free from anything.
First and foremost, our sin and death.
And secondly, anything that plagues us, whether that’s shame or pain or trauma, anger, bitterness.
You see, all can be forgiven and all can be set free in Jesus.

He loves you. He’s for you. Come to Him. Truly nothing else will ever satisfy.
God bless.

Jefferson Bethke, he is not.

Dorn just gave the world a new shitty thing to apologize for. Jesus must be rolling over in His grave. If Christians think Jesus died for our sins, it’s not a license to punish our ears like this. You don’t get to say you “missed the mark” without explaining how and why you missed it and distracting everyone with lazy rhymes that could only impress a church youth group.

And the commenters are letting him know it, too:

Ultimately, Dorn still hasn’t learned a damn thing. But he definitely likes the spotlight. So I guess his new career plan is continuing to dig the hole he began weeks ago.

Someone in this guy’s life needs to tell him to find a new schtick.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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