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By now, you’ve probably seen this hilarious attempt to preach abstinence… by way of a bear:

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That video, intended to promote the Day of Purity, was all over the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was mocking it. Even the Tosh.0 bloggers got in on the action:

Taking stuffed animals on a date is a great way to stay a virgin whether you want to or not.

But it’s especially effective if your stuffed animals sound like they drive a windowless van.

So, if you’re the über-conservative Liberty Counsel, and you support the Day of Purity, what do you do about all the attention?

You pretend everyone’s watching the video because they support abstinence:

Day of Purity Gains International Attention with Video Clip

A short video promoting sexual purity hit a quarter of a million views today. People from more than 175 different countries and regions have watched the student-produced video that was designed to spark interest and start conversations promoting sexual purity. The number of views reached over a quarter of a million in just the past 10 days. It is the goal of the Day of Purity to equip teens, youth, parents, friends, and individuals with the facts to encourage sexual purity until, and loyalty within, marriage.

We are thrilled that the message of waiting for marriage is reaching so many people! We are excited to spark a conversation about the physical, emotional, physiological and even financial benefits of waiting for marriage.

Umm… do they really not get it?! (I know, I know… they totally get it. They’re just trying to manipulate their gullible members.)

Here’s the truth: We’re laughing at you. We don’t support you. We’re not watching the video because we approve of your message. Abstinence is a personal decision, not an Order From Above.

I know these people deny reality on a regular basis, but c’mon, this is pushing it… don’t believe me? Just read the comments underneath the video. And if they know people are watching the video because it’s just that bad, then admit it or ignore it. Don’t spin it to suggest otherwise. Didn’t the Bible say something about liars…?

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