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I’ve said before that atheists could put up a billboard saying, “We exist,” and Christians would find a way to get offended.
Case in point: The Center For Inquiry recently put this billboard up in several cities:

“You don’t need God — to hope, to care, to love, to live.”

Pretty mild, right?
Now, check out how the local NBC affiliate in Niagara Falls, New York reacted to it:

Really?! *That* billboard is too “anti-god” for you?
The message isn’t anti-religious at all. It’s saying that atheists can hope, care, love, and live — without god — just as religious people do with god. It’s saying we’re all pretty much alike despite our religious differences. It’s not an insult to Christians.
Makes you think American Atheists had the right idea with their more aggressive “You KNOW It’s a Myth” billboards. If theists are going to be offended no matter what you say, why not just go all out?
Here’s the clip the article refers to:

Of course, if you watch it, there’s only one person offended by the billboard. Apparently, that’s juicy enough for someone to make it the headline.
If you want to complain about the biased headline, you can contact WGRZ here.
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