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Channeling Will McAvoy from The Newsroom, my colleague Bob Seidensticker wrote the speech he wishes U.S. Presidential candidates would give if they had the courage to be honest:

Congress always seems to be able to fit Christianity into its agenda. On the list of goodies religion has been given, the one that annoys me the most is closed financial records. The American public makes a contract with nonprofit organizations — we give you nonprofit status, and you open your books to prove that you spent the money wisely. That’s true for every charity in America except churches, and about $100 billion annually goes into religion’s black box. Want to find out if CARE or the Red Cross spend their donations wisely? You can find their IRS 990 form online in about 30 seconds, but don’t try the same thing with a church.

You might say that churches fund soup kitchens and other good works. Sure, but how much is this? Maybe ten percent of their income? Call churches ‘charities’ if you want, but these are charities with 90 percent overhead. Compare that to 10 percent for a well-run charity. Christians, don’t you see how bad this makes you look? You’re okay with God knowing what your churches do with their money, but you’re embarrassed to show the rest of us who are picking up the slack for your tax-free status. Christians should be shouting loudest to remove this perk.

That’s just a short excerpt. You’ll want to read the rest of the speech right here.

Imagine if that’s what Joe Biden said this afternoon…

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