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I stared at this picture for a long damn time before I could make sense of everything that was happening.


The artist clearly thinks Satan emerges from the pages of Murder magazine and then puts Evil Thoughts into your head via a funnel.

Here’s what I can’t figure out:

— Why keep the Bible on the nearby table if you never read it?

— Who designed the cover of that Bible because that’s a weird way to write the title.

— Who carved the hole in his head?

— Why would the makers of Evil Thoughts put a tag on the bottle? And why would the tag be bigger than the bottle?

— Who the hell sits like that?

— What’s wrong with Detective magazine?

— What exactly do they publish in Murder magazine? Household cleaning tips?

— What sort of “evil” person sits around in a chair, smiling, while reading magazines? Shouldn’t he be, you know, murdering someone?

Any answers would be appreciated.

***Edit***: To paraphrase some astute commenters, if this guy really wanted to read a publication about murder, he should pick up that damn Bible.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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