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During the Donald Trump Shadow Legal Team’s Don’t-Vote-in-Georgia rally yesterday, a woman got on stage and asked attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell what she should say to people who were calling her “crazy” for thinking the election results would be overturned.

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Wood didn’t think “crazy” was an insult:

… I’m going to tell you quickly what I tell them. You tell them that only one perfect man walked on the face of this Earth, and they said he was crazy too, but he wasn’t crazy. He was Jesus Christ. Tell them they said the same thing about Jesus.

The story of Jesus involves a man getting persecuted, then coming back to life.

The story of Trump involves a man pretending to be persecuted, then refusing to admit defeat.

Never let crazy people define “crazy” for you.

But if those Trump lawyers can convince a bunch of gullible Christians to stay at home on January 5 instead of voting for two Republicans, they’d be doing the entire country a favor. Let’s hope the number of people who take them seriously keep growing — at least for a few more weeks.

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