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Jerry Lee Anderson was the headline preacher at a two-week revival event called “The Prophetic Crusade” held at Eagles Rest Church in Tennessee this month. The length of the gig apparently had him living in the area.

But all of that went south when he was arrested on Tuesday, a day after the “Crusade” ended.

The reason? He’s apparently a registered sex offender who failed to inform Tennessee authorities that he was now living there.

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According to the Kentucky State Sex Offender Registry, Anderson is required to register as a sex offender due to an Arkansas conviction for Sexual Assault in the Second Degree.

But wait. It gets worse. His victim was seven years old.

But wait. It gets worse. Eagle’s Rest Church pastor Philip Spears heard rumors about Anderson’s charges in the final days of the “Crusade”… but didn’t do anything about it. He still let Anderson preach!

But wait. It gets worse. On the final day of the two-week event, Spears knew for a fact what Anderson had done… but instead of kicking him out of the church, he told Anderson to just play music instead of preaching.

“The church is for everybody,” Spears explained. “I don’t feel comfortable turning someone away from a house of God.”

Nothing like welcoming a child molester in your church when he’s literally in the middle of evading law enforcement. Have I mentioned that children were present during the two-week affair?

So, to summarize, a preacher was once arrested in Arkansas for sexually assaulting a seven-year-old child, moved to Kentucky where he was required to register as a sex offender, then moved to Tennessee and told nobody about it, all so he could preach about how Christianity makes you a better person, and the pastor who invited him there allowed all this to happen despite at least having some awareness of the allegations while the event was taking place.

Sounds about right coming from people who believe their religion makes them more ethical than you.

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