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We spend a lot of time on this site talking about the importance of skepticism, but it’s not always apparent when it needs to be applied.

Psychics? Sure. God? Definitely. Questionable figures lurking behind the scenes at the highest levels of government? Not so much.

Good thing John Oliver took a closer look at Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, two people who hold top positions in the Oval Office… yet whose accomplishments and qualifications deserve further inspection.


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If anything, the fact that they seem non-threatening while doing nothing (or everything?) is even more reason to be wary of them. Just imagine the outcry if Hillary Clinton appointed daughter Chelsea and her husband to handle peace in the Middle East and the opioid epidemic. Republicans would never stop complaining about it. But they won’t say a single word against Trump’s nepotism.

(via Last Week Tonight)

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