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Pastor Joel Osteen, who loves tweeting inspirational word salads, would like to remind you not to let the facts get in the way of your fiction:


Sounds nice if you’re in a hospital where the doctor tells you the “fact” that you’re dying. (Though, if you survive, then your impending death wasn’t really a “fact” in the first place.)
Sounds horribly illogical in every other situation. If you’re trying to prove 2 + 2 = 5, or that evolution is a conspiracy, or that President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, then there’s no breakthrough coming. Stop trying.
It’s not the first time Osteen has told people to ignore the facts because, in his mind, God overrides them. I guess it could be worse.
And if Osteen ever retires from preaching, he always has a backup job writing horoscopes.
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