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It won’t surprise you that the Republican Party of Taylor County, in Wisconsin, is all in for Donald Trump. It also won’t surprise you that they want to portray Joe Biden as horribly as possible. Better to tell people he’s awful than show them his actual policies and have them realize he’s not.

To that end, they placed an ad this week in the Star News Shopper, a local newspaper serving the city of Medford, and it compares the two candidates on a variety of areas.

For example, they say Trump is for “small government” while Biden is for “big government.” Trump is for “strong borders” while Biden supports “open borders” (not true). They say Trump is against abortion, but Biden is “pro-abortion” (again, not true, since being pro-choice is hardly the same as promoting abortion). They also say, falsely, that Biden thinks “anyone” should be able to vote, that he supports “socialized medicine,” and that he’s “anti-police/ICE.”

Those are lies. But they’re also the kinds of lies you expect from the conservative media bubble.

But here’s the part that surprised me: When it comes to religion, Trump is listed as “Christianity”… while Biden is listed as “??????”

Obviously, Biden is Catholic. He’s never been shy about saying that. So if that’s supposed to be a religious label, it makes no sense.

Let’s give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt (which they really don’t deserve). Maybe they mean Trump is supportive of Christianity. Well, again, so is Biden. So the question marks still make no sense.

Or perhaps they mean Trump is for the conservative Christian definition of religious freedom, where Christians are allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ people and ignore the laws they don’t like in order to spread a virus during the pandemic? Well, then say that.

To pretend Trump is for “Christianity” in any meaningful way — and to imply that Biden’s position is somehow unknown or anti-religious — is arguably the biggest lie in an ad full of them.

I reached out yesterday to the Taylor County GOP for clarification. They told me, “Biden may be Catholic but his position on abortion is in direct conflict with the Catholic faith.” By that logic, however, half the Catholics in the U.S. aren’t really Catholic. And certainly, if we held Trump to any kind of Christian standard, he would fail the test.

A local resident called out the ad in a letter to the newspaper. (He’s much nicer about it than I would be.)

Feel free to disagree with or dislike Joe Biden as much as you want. But to place his religion as ????? on your ad? Joe Biden has been a devout Catholic throughout his political career. He attended parochial school as a kid and attends mass weekly. It is clear that these beliefs are important to him and have existed throughout his life and prior to his political career. Donald Trump may be Presbyterian – there is not much evidence of his religiosity prior to his political aspirations, but quite frankly, it isn’t for me to determine his beliefs and I don’t know that it should even matter what they are. Isn’t a good person and good leader enough, whether or not they are Christian, Jewish or Muslim?

Again, it’s up to you who you vote for. And I guess Taylor County Republican Party can say whatever they want with their first amendment freedom to lie. But it would be nice if we were all willing to stop lying about people just because we disagree with them.

If Republicans have to lie to get you to vote for Trump, it’s a sign that they shouldn’t be trusted.

It just reinforces a point I’ve made before: When Republicans want to make Democrats look bad, they have to distort their words or spread misinformation. When Democrats want to make Republicans look bad, we just point to their exact statements.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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