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For 50 years, Buffalo Central Terminal in New York served as a major train hub until it finally closed in 1979. These days it’s more of a tourist attraction.

But over the weekend, a woman who wasn’t authorized to be in the building reportedly fell nearly 20 feet through a sub station roof:

… A rescue call came in at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday. First responders found the 35-year-old Kenmore woman who had fallen about 15 to 20 feet through a substation roof near the back of the property, according to police.

She was taken to a hospital and treated for multiple injuries.

I hope she’s okay. But what the hell was she doing in the building after hours?

The answer: Looking for ghosts.

The train station is a popular haunt (ha) for people looking for evidence of the supernatural and was once featured on the show “Ghost Hunters.” As you’d expect, none of these people ever find anything because there’s obviously nothing to find.

But, hey, if you’re foolish enough to sneak into a closed building, seeking something that’s not there, and end up nearly becoming a ghost yourself, let’s hope others learn a lesson from your irrational behavior.

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