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Yolanda Flowers, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Alabama, made a surprising appearance yesterday at Dinosaur Adventure Land, the bargain-bin Creation Museum knockoff run in the city of Lenox.

It raises an interesting question: How badly must a candidate be polling in order for the candidate to think livestreaming with convicted tax cheat and Creationist Kent Hovind is a good idea?

The answer, apparently, is 25%. That’s where Flowers sits in the race compared to the commanding 60% by incumbent Republican Gov. Kay Ivey.

So with virtually nothing to lose, Flowers sat down for a short interview with Hovind. A condensed version of it is below:

HOVIND: We had a surprise visit this morning on our day we’re closed. Governor candidate Yolanda Flowers, from Birmingham. How did you like the tour, Ms. Yolanda?

FLOWERS: I loved the tour. Everybody needs to come.

HOVIND: Alright.

FLOWERS: This is a hidden secret, you know? This place is a hidden secret, and we need to let everybody know about this.

HOVIND: When you become governor, I want you to get my book I wrote on the criminal justice system… You know, in the Bible, God never authorized prisons. Read God’s law. For certain crimes, you get a beating. For others, you get a fine. And for others, you get executed. I asked over a thousand men in prison: I said, if you were found guilty of a crime—doesn’t matter what it is, you’re guilty, okay?—and the judge says, “You want 20 lashes or five years?” Which would you take?

FLOWERS: I’d take the 20 lashes.

HOVIND: All but one said “I’d take the 20 lashes.”

HOVIND: I ask atheists all the time, how do you tell right from wrong? What’s your standard? They have no way to measure it.

FLOWERS: No, but you know what? You really don’t have to measure because God placed that inside of us.

HOVIND: See, they don’t believe in God, so they think there’s no such thing as wrong. Anyway, I’m trying to straighten them out.

HOVIND: We invited almost all the politicians running for office, from both sides, to come. So if you didn’t come and didn’t get this free publicity, too bad. You were invited.

FLOWERS: See that?! Yes!

HOVIND: I do not even know which party you’re on—and don’t want to know. I invited all the candidates to come and share what your goal is…

In short, Hovind attempted to convince Flowers that prison sentences are too harsh (because he spent about nine years behind bars for tax fraud), that atheists have no sense of morality, and that he’s completely non-partisan to the point where he had no clue what party Flowers belonged to.

Yolanda Flowers was a perfectly polite guest, nodding along when it seemed appropriate, trying to have a dialogue because she was unaware this was really a monologue, and offering a misguided endorsement of an abusive and lawsuit-happy man’s anti-science “theme park” where one child has already drowned and Hovind’s assistant has taped himself calling for the execution of drag queens via firing squad.

I have to believe she just had no clue what she was getting herself into. But the lack of due diligence is troubling. Even Republicans aren’t wasting their time cozying up to people like Hovind.

It’s not entirely out of question for the Democrat, however. Flowers is known for using religious language to describe her political goals. Earlier this year, she said we could all live in harmony because we should all be united against Satan:

“I know that this Earth was created for man,” Flowers said. “We’re supposed to rule and to dominate the animals and the fish of the sea and the birds of the air. But not one another. We are supposed to live here in harmony. And that’s not what has been done.

“The enemy himself is Satan, who hates God. And because God created us, he hates us.”

Combine that with an earlier endorsement from an anti-abortion group (which was later revoked when Flowers said the procedure should be legal in certain situations), and she’s been a uniquely awful candidate in this race. In a state where the only path to victory would require uniting and inspiring Democrats while bringing in independents and even some moderate Republicans, Flowers is forging her own path to political irrelevance.

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