Jack Bowen

The author of 5 books, including Amazon Top-500, The Dream Weaver and, If You Can Read This, featured in the New York Times. Spoke at TEDxStanford in 2017 on the topic of awe. Graduated from Stanford University with Honors in Human Biology; earned his Masters Degree in philosophy, graduating summa cum laude. At Stanford, was a 2-Time National Champion water polo goalie and the NCAA MVP; was the alternate goalie of the 1996 Olympic Training Team. Has taught Philosophy and coached water polo at Menlo School for 22 years, honored as the National High School Coach of the Year. His latest book (2022) explores sports through the lens of Philosophy.

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Madness and fairness in March (and beyond)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Humans loath unfairness. It’s baked into our DNA. That’s just one of the many reasons the NCAA basketball tournaments every March don the moniker “Madness.” The famous psychology experiment The Ultimatum Game captures this perfectly. Player A is given a…

Thinking about flopping

Reading Time: 5 minutes With all the World Cup excitement, fans and non-fans alike continue to engage in an evergreen disagreement: is ‘flopping’ unethical or just another skill and tactic we should value? After all, fans want to know whether to cheer for a…

The reality of fantasy sports

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since ESPN offered the first internet-based fantasy baseball in 1995, Fantasy Sports—and, especially, Fantasy Football—have become ubiquitous. Advertisements encourage viewers to log on now to win hundreds of thousands of dollars playing. In 2016, it was estimated almost 60 million people played…