Jack Bowen

The author of 5 books, including Amazon Top-500, The Dream Weaver and, If You Can Read This, featured in the New York Times. Spoke at TEDxStanford in 2017 on the topic of awe. Graduated from Stanford University with Honors in Human Biology; earned his Masters Degree in philosophy, graduating summa cum laude. At Stanford, was a 2-Time National Champion water polo goalie and the NCAA MVP; was the alternate goalie of the 1996 Olympic Training Team. Has taught Philosophy and coached water polo at Menlo School for 22 years, honored as the National High School Coach of the Year. His latest book (2022) explores sports through the lens of Philosophy.

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Life isn’t fair, so why should sports be?

Life isn’t fair, so why should sports be?

Reading Time: 5 minutes To help us cope with life’s inevitable setbacks and injustices, we have developed certain aphoristic tidbits. Displayed often on bumper stickers and t-shirts, these include such sayings as, “It is what it is,” or the French version, “C’est la vie.”…

In defense of fair-weather fans

In defense of fair-weather fans

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Fair-Weather Fan (FWF) is considered one of the most morally depraved individuals in (and out of) the sporting realm. They shift from team to team, demonstrating no sense of loyalty or allegiance, supporting whoever’s winning at the time, and…



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