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Hello, friends.

Whether you have been following Blinky and Sal from the beginning, or somehow got roped in later on, or have merely enjoyed the occasional cartoon casually in passing, I want to thank you. Thank you for reading and supporting. And if you bought any of my books, find me in the streets so I can hug you.

Not all the jokes may have landed, but for me, making these comics has been my method of detoxing from decades of religious indoctrination.

Blinky and Sal is over. And although it has never achieved “success” by any true measure, it has helped me process a lot. It has taken me years to deprogram and there is still much work to do. Thanks, Patheos, for giving me this platform.

My hope is that others feel OK about expressing their honest convictions and wrestling with ideas that may make them uncomfortable. And it’s OK if you suddenly find yourself unable to subscribe to the beliefs of your family. It happens sometimes. But you have to be true to yourself otherwise it will drive you insane.

To the folks who have sincere beliefs and convictions that are not harming others physically or mentally, keep on with it if life wouldn’t make sense without it. Really. The way we treat each other in this life matters more to me than whatever internal conclusions we may have been persuaded to assume regarding the mystic fabric of the universe.

I started drawing these characters when I was just waking up. I needed this little comic. At least for a time. I think I got most of it out of my system.

Onward to the next chapter.

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(My next project is called “Barb” and will be a bit more ambitious.)

J. Burrello is a semi-nomadic comedian and comic artist. He is the creator of "Barb" and "Blinky & Sal".

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