Reading Time: < 1 minute I am writing a post in reaction to something about which I was talking with my Christian friend (let’s call him Colin). We were talking about homosexuality and his approach to it given his Christian background. Some points were interesting and some I fundamentally disagreed with. Here are his views: As according to the Bible, homosexuality is wrong. This morality is grounded in God. He is not homophobic and detests that label as it automatically halts any further informed discussion. People can have genetic or environmental variables which help to influence a persons likelihood to homosexuality. However, to commit to a homosexual act is an act of free will, and thus falls within the moral sphere. As a result, it is not necessarily the disposition of being homosexual which is wrong, but the decision to act upon it. He has no ‘problem’ with homosexuals and has / has had homosexual friends. Hopefully I am not building up a straw man of his position, but it does demand some serious unpicking.
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