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Blinky & Sal: cartoons in an age without nuance.

8 choosing teams

“To run an effective political party you need a degree of tribalism, it’s the glue that holds everyone together.” – Charles Kennedy

The weird thing is how seriously the voters take their tribes.

I do not think political discourse should be based on presupposed binaries. Humans are capable of holding more complex views than what an assumed political label might represent. Ardent subscribers to political dogma cheat themselves. Be as ruthlessly critical of your own convictions as you would a perceived opponent. We are not monoliths. We are diverse. And we are allowed not to have strong opinions about everything. In fact, if we are not terribly informed, we ought not hold strong opinions.

Are you a punditry parrot and puppet of your party or are you a humble, independent thinker capable of growth?

Avoid clubs. Listen critically. Embrace nuance. Read comics.

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J. Burrello is a semi-nomadic comedian and comic artist. He is the creator of "Barb" and "Blinky & Sal".