Jeana Jorgensen

Foxy Folklorist

Jeana Jorgensen studied folklore under Alan Dundes at the University of California, Berkeley, and went on to earn her PhD in folklore from Indiana University. She researches gender and sexuality in fairy tales and fairy-tale retellings, folk narrative more generally, body art, dance, sex education, and feminist/queer theory. Her blogging seeks to make academic research and concepts more broadly accessible, with a focus on not only bringing folklore to the broader public but also making claims about identity, narrative, and culture in an increasingly secular world.

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Abortion access is a disability justice issue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pregnancy is dangerous even for mostly healthy, non-disabled people. According to the CDC, 700 women die a year in the U.S. from pregnancy-related complications; our maternal mortality rate is more than double that of similar high-income countries. And there are concerns beyond death. The threat of gestational diabetes among other conditions looms large. Even if you do everything “right” or things go “as planned,” pregnancy is not something to take…