Reading Time: 2 minutes Example of a finger barrier. From Wikimedia (Creative Commons license).
Reading Time: 2 minutes

At risk of being labeled Captain Obvious, all humans deserve access to comprehensive, factual sex education.

Example of a finger barrier. From Wikimedia (Creative Commons license).
Example of a finger barrier. From Wikimedia (Creative Commons license).

I started this blog post series out of a sense of frustration that the state of sex education is so bad in the U.S. today, and I continued it out of a sense of spite. I’m a scholar, and all of the empirical evidence points to comprehensive sex ed being beneficial. I’m an educator, and I’m offended at the bullshit that is being passed off as “education” in schools today.

I got nine posts into this series before losing momentum, and I’m hoping to pick it back up, and maybe publish these essays as part of a book someday. Got a suggestion for another topic to cover, or a tie-in to help make these essays into a book? Let me know! In the meantime, I’ll publish one of these daily and then go back through and insert links so they’re easy to read as a cohesive whole.

Part 1: Cognitive Dissonance and Abstinence-Only Education

Part 2: A Body-Literate Society

Part 3: Because Teaching Sex Ed Is Not Encouraging Sex

Part 4: We Need to Disentangle Gender from Sex

Part 5: How Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Erases Consent

Part 6: We Could Reduce STI Stigma & Improve Public Health… But We’re Not

Part 7: Teaching Relationships Empowers Everyone

Part 8: In Nonconcordant Arousal Lies Freedom

Part 9: forthcoming!

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