Reading Time: 8 minutes Modern dating can be stressful, confusing, taxing, and so on. Late at night, Luna considers if she's doing things right or overthinking again.
Reading Time: 8 minutes

I’ve read dozens of the latest sex and relationship books in the last couple years so you don’t have to! In my capacity as a sex educator and gender/sexuality scholar, here are my faves.

Me in a library... because that's a cool metaphor for curating the narratives of others, right? Photo by James Moriarty.
Me in a library… because that’s how I roll. Photo by James Moriarty.

Someone recently asked me if I had a “top ten” list of sex books. At the time I didn’t, but the thought stuck with me, hence this post. What follows aren’t full academic-style book reviews (though I love to nerd out by writing those when I get the chance) but rather snappy explanations of why each book is awesome and what you’ll get from reading it. Yes, the list is pretty scholarly, but, well, have you met me?

Edited to add: in the interest of transparency, I just got myself an Amazon affiliate account and made all of the book title links affiliate links. If you’d like to support my writing, and you’re intending to buy these books because you’re a nerd like me, please use the links in this post to do so. I appreciate it!

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