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Old-time medicine. Public domain photo by Jenelle Ball from Unsplash.
Old-time medicine. Jenelle Ball/Unsplash.

Following the ACA debates? Then you need to watch this brief video (and share it widely).

YouTube video

My colleague Adam Zolkover was involved in producing the video, which features a 4-minute explanation of how the ACA works and why a delay would be disastrous. The speaker (Zeke Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of U Penn’s medical ethics and health policy department) so clearly and concisely describes what’s at stake that there’s no need for me to summarize it.

The question of obtaining health care is scary for a lot of people right now, including me. Please share this video – or whatever equivalent you prefer that’s well-researched and presents an informed opinion – so that we can make sure everyone’s educated on what’s at stake.

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