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Misinformation and stereotypes abound when it comes to masturbation. I’m glad that publications like Teen Vogue are stepping up to demystify the topic.

Photo by Marta Pawlik from Unsplash. In public domain.
Photo by Marta Pawlik from Unsplash. In public domain.

In Masturbation: Fact or Fiction, Corinne Werder dispels some of the most pervasive misconceptions about masturbation: that it’s dirty, that it’s only for when you can’t get laid, that those with vulvas can get too attached to masturbating (especially with vibrators), and so on. Spoiler alert: they’re all false.

Better yet, the interview contains tons of quotes from my sex education colleague Kait Scalisi, who is a fantastic human being who’s also incredibly knowledgeable about sex and sexuality.

Kudos to Teen Vogue for running scientifically accurate, sex-positive stories like this one!

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