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Road trips are fun…except for when your van’s transmission dies, stranding you the day before a wedding, and then you get sick.

This year’s cross-country move has been going well on the whole: local foods and beers, fun cafes in unlikely places, and sister bonding time.

Then the minivan’s warning lights came on, and it all went downhill from there.

The trouble was with the transmission, and while we could still get away with driving the van at low speeds, we weren’t sure if it’d hold up on the hilly drive from Nashville to Asheville. Then, when I was trying to drive it out of Nashville, it began to shudder uncontrollably at 55 mph.


So, the day before Memorial Day weekend started, we had to find a rental car (nigh impossible) and a shop that would take the van in for a new transmission while we would be out-of-state for the next few days (less impossible).

We missed my cousin’s rehearsal dinner, but made it to the wedding the next day, so that all worked out.

Then I got sick, probably a combination of stress and too much rich food. I guess my stomach wasn’t up to the challenge of everything-fried that goes for normal in the south. At least I got to experience a little bit of Asheville before I had to spend a bunch of time at the urgent care clinic and recuperating in bed.

If I’m too sick or harried to write, then it’s really bad. So while I’m optimistic about getting back to regular blogging, uh, soon, I’m trying to be easy on myself too.  I had some other health issues recently  (including a cancer scare – I’m fine, something worrisome just came up during a routine check-up that we had to investigate), plus social/relationship strife, and so… yeah. My body is pretty clearly giving me warning signs to back off or do harm to myself.

So I’ll be trying to “relax” while waiting on the van repairs before I get back to Indianapolis for more “relaxing” while figuring out the rest of my summer plans, and by “relax/relaxing” I mean doing the minimum amount of work that I can get away with to meet a handful of deadlines, not let down colleagues who are expecting to hear from me, and so on.

But I’ve got this fantastic blog post Fuck Advice by Kate Lechler ringing in my head right now, reminding me to do away with “should.” Thus I commit to trying to not to “should” myself into more stress while dealing with the fall-out from existing stress…

…even though admitting I have limitations is hard.

*shakes fist at workaholism*

*goes back to hydrating and taking it easy*

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