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This week we’re debuting ONP:Breakpoint, an evolution of my show “An Ongoing and Necessary Pursuit”. I did two seasons of over at The Satanic Temple TV. This premiere episode features OnlySky’s own resident funnyman Andy Hall.

Andy Hall: Secularism Satirist

OnlySky columnist Andy Hall (also YouTube’s Laughing in Disbelief) discusses using satire to short-circuit fallacious thinking, the rigors of content creation, and why art can convince people of things that science can’t.

Andy and I have been doing internet shenanigans mostly on, and sometimes off, for over a decade now. While we’ve done somewhere around 200 interviews together, this is the first time one of us has straight-up interviewed the other one.

YouTube video

I’m experimenting with this new format for my interviews. I leave myself off camera completely. I find this puts the focus on the subject of the interview where it belongs. Episodes 2 and 3 of this series are already complete and will be releasing weekly.

Check back next week where my guest will be Rogiérs Fibby. I met Rogiérs when he came to give a talk at TheSatanic.Estate as a member of Black Nonbelievers-DC. I talk to him about demonization and suppression of African culture and music in the West Indies under slavery and how that impacts the music of the region.

In two weeks, my guest will be Tory Roberg (formerly of Secular Arizona). In a pre-recorded interview from last spring, Tory discusses the fallout from the 2020 election on the Arizona Legislature. We also dive deep into several disturbing bills that were in the Arizona legislature last session that we may expect to see again this year.

Seasons 1 and 2 available

As I mentioned, this is a reinvention of a show I’ve been doing with my friends at The Satanic Temple TV. You can watch episodes a la carte or with a subscription. An Ongoing and Necessary Pursuit Seasons 1 and 2 feature 26 in-depth interviews with activists, musicians, comedians, puppets, lawyers, strippers, and more. Kindly consider checking it out.

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