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I have known Adam for a few years now. We first met at The Satanic Temple’s headquarters. The Arizona chapter was all hanging out there while Stu, Michelle, and a few other people gave a series of talks. He went out and bought a grill and cooked an insane amount of food for everyone after a successful presentation. Generally, he’s an affable guy.

Satanic cookery and kitchen rituals

Prior to SatanCon, chef agreed and we recorded an interview. We also arranged for him to crash at my house when he got into town for SatanCon because he was flying in a night before his hotel was booked for. Because of this, I was also in receipt of his merch for his booth at the convention.

When he arrived, I fed him Sonoran hotdogs, as they are a regional delicacy. I had to get them from the only Grubhub that would deliver them due to time constraints. So they weren’t the best that the Sonoran desert has to offer. But judge the review for yourself:

Prior to Adam eating hotdogs, the Interview

On Adam’s show “Satanic Chef Live” on TST’s live-streaming platform he routinely ritualizes his cooking by incorporating elements into each episode like desecrating a bible, and later in each broadcast, cutting his thumb.

YouTube video

We talk about Adam’s approach to cooking and ritual, his history with Satanism both prior to TST and now as a minister. Adam also discusses his new cookbook “Devil’s Food”, which is available through his website.

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